Company in Brief

Libyan Airlines, a Libyan national air carrier was founded in 1964 under the name of "Airlines Kingdom of Libya." Has more than 20 international and domestic destinations and its headquartered in the "current" in Tripoli. It also flies to domestic airports such as Sabha Airport, Abraq Airport, Misurata Airport and Tobruk. The name was changed in 1970 to "Libyan Arab Airlines" and the transfer of management of the company's main headquarters to the city of Tripoli in 1971, then to its current name "Libyan Airlines' Registration No. (13) for the year 1373 Dated 12.4 of the year. 2006 from the General People's Committee .....

company carried 6,121,286 passengers from the year 2006 to the end of 2012 by an increase of 368.68%

The company's goals:
Provide safe air transport services, which serves the purposes of our valued customers between North Africa and the world to increase and expand these services by alliances and partnerships with other airlines. We offer our customers the highest safety, quality and security levels and convenient travel on our network by the economic organization flights. We aim to provide our services to the highest levels of quality by integrating employees and intensive training to get to the highest levels among companies operating in the region. Working to increase production and efficiency by providing the potential to maintain a steady growth by investing in the improvement , development and care of the human element.