Baggage Information

First class passengers
Allows for first class passengers to carry two pieces of handbags in the cabin on all types of aircraft, but the Embraer aircraft where they can carry only one piece according to the size and weight and shape allowed.

Economy class passengers
Allowed per passenger carrying only one piece, according to the size and weight and shape allowed.
Each piece of carry-on luggage is subject to the degree of Crown and Economy to the following terms and specifications:
It shall have the size, weight and shape that allow placing it under the passenger seat or in enclosed storage compartment and must not exceed the weight of 7 kg. The dimensions (9 × 16 × 20 inches) or (23 × 41 × 51 cm)shall not be ecxited, the sum of the three dimensions should not exceed (45 inches) or (115 cm). These dimensions include wheels, handles and side pockets, and others..

Special Notes
As well as carry-on luggage allowed, also are allowed to carry luggage the following:
Allowing passengers with babies carry pram folding or basket to carry the baby, so it can be carried in the aircraft cabin if space available for it.
Umbrella or walking stick
A small camera.
reasonable amount of books and magazines to read during the flight
A pair of crutches or a walking aide if needed.

Allows baby food and so allowed the necessary tools for the trip to be over weight 7 kg / 15 pounds in addition to the weight of your handbag baby facilities. The strollers, may be taken at the boarding gate to be downloaded as luggage recorded due to limited storage space in the cabin of the aircraft.