Planning your trip

If you are planning your next trip and whatever your destination The first thing that comes to your mind: How do I travel and transportation by any means ?? . The answer will not be one at a time sometimes be settled in favor of air travel if the distance is too far and require crossing the ocean, for example, but if your destination within the same country or in a nearby country you have the choices between the train and the bus and travel by car or river cruises in some cases in addition to the plane. And your decision to stop beside the distance the importance of the duration of the trip for you and Budget; In some trips trains are cheaper while in others it is better to use aviation, especially low-cost, or by car, and it was time to think about the booking and ticketing, which accounts for a significant share of the budget price of the trip. Here are some tips to gain an airline ticket at the best possible price.

1- Book early
Booking and buy tickets early have many advantages besides feeling comfortable to complete the first step in your journey, you'll have plenty of time to look and check the best deals available, and choose the best time to arrive and leave, and the opportunity to choose your favorite seat if next to window or in the aisle of the plane, or if you want contiguous to your family or friends seats, and also lets you arrange your next steps for example, if you want to rent a car to take you from the airport and convenient hotel reservation and think about the itinerary and what you want to visit.

2- Wait some time
Sometimes you can still buy tickets at an attractive price until the last days to travel. If you do not receive airline reservations for all seats available you can get the remaining at good prices, if you loves surprises until the last minute and you can change your flight program may be suitable to wait.

3- Search the Internet
In order to get a plane ticket at a reasonable price and prevent a reasonable amount of the trip expenses, hotel reservation, it will take you to pass first, another flight of careful research to reach the best price even whatever appeared is attractive display. Try not to book the first thing you get, and generally all the time spent searching will be added to your experience for future trips. Begins a journey to find among the various Internet sites in the booking sites like Expedia and Cheap Tickets and Kayak which gives you an idea about the price and the appropriate airline to your destination, and allows you to compare in terms of price and trips and airports used and the allowable weight times if the flight directly or include stopovers, with a note that these sites themselves differ among themselves. And the basis of this information can be directed towards the airline site that you want, often get a better price, especially if there was a special offer from the company. If you do not find the price you demand re-search again and most of the booking sites send notices when the rate changes.

4- When you buy?
And now, after a trip when the search would prefer to buy a ticket? Some sites, such as kayak that shows you the rate of ticket prices to your destination and that he is going to rise or to fall. On the other hand, offers many of the airline offers on Tuesdays and Wednesday and Saturday of each week you can book during these days.

5- Be flexible
During the search, try to keep, if you can, a flexible travel plane you may find that the submission or delayed a day will change the price for the best, as well as for the airport, which takes off from the flight and the reach of prices trips vary with the situation into account the distance from your place of residence to the airport and the airport site in the city with access to and cost of the trip.

6- Do not forget low cost flights
Economic airlines or low-cost and as its name save you a lot of money, and you'll find some deals in the usual booking sites and others are only available through its own website and through its pages in the famous social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Whether you are traveling in your home country or to other countries or include multible destinations You can take a look at low cost flights.

7- Travelers reward programs
Still another option for you to travel for free, through participation in the loyalty program or your frequent flyer . certain company, and despite what can be said about the complexities of the redemption of the airlines, but the fact that companies usually allocate a limited number of seats on board all journey to subscribers in passenger rewards programs, it is possible to enjoy upgrade especially if booked early, in addition to other advantages as an reduced fee and get your favorite seat and priority booking and get discounts and offers to stay in hotels and use overweight luggage and replace some mileage and other goods.

8- money back if prices fall
After I finished booking surprised decrease in ticket prices before you travel you can then ask the company quietly recover the difference, it is true that it is not always you'll get it, but I do not mind a try, especially that some companies do not announce its policy in this regard. And visit a site like yapta gives you information and notices via e-mail if ticket prices fell.

9- Air Pass
If you plan to visit more than one country in one area such as South Asia or Africa, it may be Air Pass is ideal for you choice; many of the national airline as well as some travel agencies and major airline alliances (Star Alliance and One world) and put a distinctive performances for visitors from outside allows more mobility between countries. And the price depends on the number of flight and travel distance stations, and allows some travelers to add or change distinations and date of travel during the trip, while others are required to identify each step before you travel.

10- Special offers
Finally, do not forget that the latest offers airlines the appropriate sequence to your destination via the booking sites, tourism and travel sites such as aviation deals in our website, or corporate pages and email newsletters on various social networking sites such as Twitter.